New performance and film projects


Making Music

Zombie Hearts Club my New Music Project also played at the Boots Orion Artshow.

Chester Wilshire on Guitar and Justine Keim on Synth and Vocals.

Photos From Artshow

Thanks to everyone who came to my artshow and showed me support. Appreciate it and it was a very successful night. Thanks Daniel Foote for the photos and capturing the essence of the evening. I have edited the photos playing with the lights that filled the space as I would like to explore this in future projects. Light is magic and can alter our perception, give life and colours our world....Enjoy!!!!!

Puppet Nation with Bill Platz

I have acted and performed all my life and is a necessary part of my existence. Capturing life and having an understanding of different walks of life is something I am truely passionate about. I resist the need to judge another as we all may be in that position at some point and would prefer to find an understanding and learn from this person instead of locking their souls out of our own. It is an opportunity to see more of who we are and .Perception is everything. I admire artists who are not afraid to go to 'dark places' who indulge in the grotesque and take risks. Who are open to themselves and who do not lock themselves out of their depths. 

I have lately been working with artist William Platz on some performance ideas in his studio. He is working towards an exhibition next year and has hand sculptured puppets for us to dress and act in. It is interesting the persona you take on board as a puppet. I have a particular interest in this type of performance at present and am undergoing Butoh training at Zen Zen Zo in Brisbane which influenced this collaboration. Please see some studio shots below of the process. And also some life drawings of mine. He is an exceptional artist and also art intellectual, being a head lecturer at Queensland College of the Arts. And more recently won the Marie Ellis 2017 Prize for Drawing. Check more about him here 

Lethbridge 10000

Online finalist in this years 2017 Lethbridge 10000, with the piece 'Looking Glass. 

It is neither man nor woman. But instead looks deep past the mirror into the little room behind. It mixes with the atmosphere and its past and present becomes one or all. 

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